Content Sessions

Struggle with turning your ideas for social media posts, blog posts or PR into a reality? Perhaps it’s something you want to do more, but er, actually running your business (and all that entails) gets in the way. I get it.

That’s why I’ve launched content sessions – a dedicated time for us to get together and crack on with that content that’s been whirring away in your head and most importantly, actually get it planned and D-O-N-E. After all, everyone likes ticking things off their to-do list don’t they?

Ready to get started? Check out the following session options and drop me a line to book yours.

Power Hours – £125

Power Hours are two hours of idea generation to get those ideas out of your head and down on paper. We’ll plot and plan your social media, blog posts or PR campaign (or a mix of all, if you fancy and time allows), leaving you raring to go and do it!

Let’s Do It – £185 (or six sessions for £1,000)

Let’s Do It sessions do exactly what they say on the tin (if they had a tin, of course!) – we’ll get ideas flowing, a to-do list written and just ruddy well get on with it. These four hours can be used however you’d like. We could get your social media content scheduled, a few weeks’ worth of blog posts typed up or your next press release sorted – all in a super-speedy four hours!  Just think of all the things you could get sorted by lunchtime…

Content Queen – £305 (or six sessions for £1,500)  

Fancy being a Content Queen? If so, girl (I mean, your Majesty), this one’s for you! Block out a full day and we’ll roll out the red carpet for your content. During the eight hour session (and no doubt over several cuppas and a tasty lunch), we’ll get to grips with up to a month’s worth of copy. Yep, you read that right – a month’s worth of social posts and blog posts, written, scheduled and sorted. Hurrah! Or perhaps, you’d prefer to get stuck into creating a PR campaign – with press releases and blogger outreach, or a magical pick ‘n’ mix of everything. The day’s yours to do as your wish – I’m on hand to help, however you need me. Just think of me as your content-loving fairy godmother.

Want to get a date in the diary? Get in touch and I’ll get you booked in!


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