Personal Branding: One Girl Band Expertise Session – 4th October

I’m so excited to announce that I’m going to be sharing my ‘expert’ social media insights into authentic personal branding, alongside amazing personal branding photographer Becky Rui and Cat from Gatto Web who specialises in branding and web design, at the most dreamiest of venues, One Girl Band on Wednesday 4th October.

The Expertise Session aims to help small creative business owners, freelancers and bloggers to authentically attract new customers/ clients – without feeling like they’re not being true to themselves.

I’ll be chatting about why it’s important to show up and be yourself online (and not be another generic account), how to be true to you when it feels like everyone is churning out the same style posts, how to find YOUR ideal followers and connect with people who get you and, not forgetting, why you should combat that ‘pressure to post’ feeling.

Becky will be talking about the importance of photography and how you can use it to grow your business and share your message in a way that feels exciting to you.

While the fabulous Cat will be sharing her top advice into creating your brand’s look – including how to DIY yourself a professional website and creating a colour palette and branding guide.

There’s a few last minute tickets remaining (priced at just £20) so bag yourself one while you can! Hope to see you there!


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