Here it is. About time too!

Ta-dah! Welcome to my website. You’d think that someone who’s worked in marketing for years (and who has had their own business for four years!) should have had their stuff together and their website live AGES ago, right? Yes, I know, I know. But I do have an good excuse (sort of).

Fortunately, I’ve been so busy; due to repeat clients and recommendations that I’ve never needed – or had dedicated time – to put together my own website. But, as I’m meeting more and more amazing businesses and babes in biz, it’s getting beyond silly that I haven’t been able to direct potentially interested clientele to my services or just connect with them online.

So, here it is! Hopefully you find all the info you might need on how I can help you with any PR, social media and copywriting needs. Don’t forget that I also run 1-2-1 workshops too, where we can spend a whole day together to plot and plan your world domination. Or y’know just focus on an area or two (be it how to write effective press releases, what to be posting on social media or what sort of blogs will be most interesting for your clients).

Of course, there’s nothing quite like a good old fashioned chin-wag, so if you fancy having a natter, just give me a call: 07907 141 420.

Wishing you a lovely Christmas, filled with fun, good food and fizz!




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